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When I work with my clients, I get to know their "weakness". You probably aren't surprised to learn that many of my clients have a difficult time eating well at restaurants. They leave feeling overly full or stuffed. They notice a "food hangover" the next day. They even feel anxious about going out to eat and/or feel guilty afterwards. Can you relate? Thankfully, they soon learn that going out to eat doesn't have to negatively impact their mood, weight or health. It can be a fun, satisfying experience free of guilt. Bye, bye food hangovers!

First, let's talk about what doesn't work:

1. Restricting your food intake during the day to "save up" enough calories for dinner. This almost always leads to overeating. 

2. Going into a meal thinking of it as a "cheat meal". I really dislike this phrase and personally never use it! 

3. Ordering the lowest calorie item on the menu whether or not it sounds good. This leads to feelings of deprivation which can lead to food cravings. 

Here's what works:

1. Eat a snack before dining out. This prevents excessive hunger and overeating. I usually grab an apple or carrot sticks to make sure I'm not overly hungry.

2. Look at the menu (or Yelp photos) ahead of time. I almost always check out Yelp and browse the food photos. This helps me navigate the menu and pick a healthy + yummy option. 

3. Keep yourself accountable. A portion of my nutrition sessions usually involve goal setting for dining out. Some of us just need that extra help to stay on track!

For more personalized dining out tips, book a free 30 minute phone consultation with me! I can find out more about you and explain the program before getting started.



April Murray, Registered Dietitian


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