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Optimize Your Strength, Endurance and Performance


April has worked with a variety of athletes including:

  • Prima Ballerinas

  • Professional Tennis Players

  • USC Divers and Swimmers

  • Iron Man Competitors

  • Professional Body Builders 

  • Division I Hockey Players

  • Princeton University Rowers

  • Marathon Runners 

  • Personal Trainers

  • CSUF Softball Players

  • Triathletes

  • And more!






The Sports Nutrition Program can help you:

• Boost Your Performance

Lose Body Fat

Improve Recovery Time

• Build Lean Body Mass

• Improve Energy Levels



After your nutrition meeting, you will know:

• Exactly how many calories you need to optimally perform your exercise

• How many grams of protein, carbohydrates, and fat you will need

• How to distribute your calories according to your exercise bouts and lifestyle

• How much water you need during exercise





Initial Nutrition Session, 60-90 minutes: During the initial visit, you will discuss your medical history, weight history, dietary intake, food preferences, exercise routine and more. You will explore your past and present eating behaviors, as well as your attitudes and beliefs about your food choices, weight, exercise patterns and appearance. Together you will create a plan; to help you meet your individual goals. 


Personalized Meal Plan: Your dietitian will work with you to create a realistic meal plan based on your lifestyle, food preferences, cooking abilities, goals and more. The meal plan may consists of healthy recipes, snack ideas and calorie counts. 

InBody Fat Testing: As a client of OC Nutrition Coaching, your program includes free body fat testing. Learn more here.


Email access to your Dietitian: In case you have questions in-between scheduled phone calls or office visits, your dietitian will provide you with their personal email address. You will be encouraged to keep in touch!


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