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Adrenal-Thyroid Health

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Adrenal-Thyroid Coaching

Let's Address Your Root Causes


  • Heal the gut: Learn what foods you should and should not be eating. Identify whether food sensitivities could be making you feel sick. Understand what superfoods and supplements you should be consuming every day. Eat nourishing foods that will restore your gut flora and improve your mood, weight, digestive system and energy levels. 

  • Address vitamin and mineral insufficiencies: Make changes in your diet to address common nutrient insufficiencies such as omega-3-fatty-acids, iodine, selenium, iron, magnesium and vitamin D. Power-pack your diet so you can feel energized, lose weight and improve adrenal-thyroid function. Learn what supplements could be most beneficial for you

  • Balance your hormones: Implement lifestyle changes to give your system a reset, improve your sleep, stabilize your mood and reduce PMS symptoms. 

  • Lower chronic stress & inflammation: When chronically stressed, our body enters into "survival mode". Survival mode is the reason why you could go on a low-calorie diet and NOT lose weight. It is also associated with poor sleep, chronic exhaustion, irritability, sugar-caffeine-chocolate cravings, poor immunity, insulin resistance and more. 

  • Reduce your toxic body burden: Detect which foods and house-hold products are flooding your body with inflammatory xenoestrogens, antibiotics, toxins, pollutants and chemicals that are making you sick. 

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