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Weight Loss

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April and Michelle provide results. Your dietitian will go beyond the food, and coach you on what's really important, your thoughts, feeling and behaviors around eating. It's a program that encourages eating more, not less. It is important to eat what you like, when you like, where you like. It’s an approach that frees you from guilt, emotional eating, boring meals and hunger pangs. And, it's a program that will teach you the truth about exercise. While it's great for health, it's not the key to weight loss. Taking time to care for yourself, to eat and nourish your body; prioritize your health and diet; manage your work and stress load; relax and sleep, is the key to your health and weight.


• Do you need to lose weight?
• Are you exercising and not losing weight?
• Do you feel tired or sluggish?
• Do you feel guilty when eating?
• Can you maintain your weight loss?
• Are you at a plateau phase in your weight loss?
• Is your metabolism slow?
• Do you want to prevent diabetes or heart disease?



Programs are typically 2 to 3 months and consist of weekly follow-ups. 

"I have a new appreciation for food and how I treat my body."

-Alice M, 45

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