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Your Eating Habits Have a High Risk of Destroying Your Metabolism

Your assessment results indicate you have a high risk of slowing down your metabolism due to unhealthy eating habits.

Simple improvements that you can make immediately are:


  1. Consuming plenty of fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins

  2. Always eating breakfast that includes a serving of protein

  3. Eating smaller but more frequent meals.  Ideally you'll have 6 small, evenly spaced meals throughout the day​



For a more thorough understanding of how to lose weight without further hurting your metabolism, reach out and schedule a free call with me

On this free call we'll figure out:


  1. What's holding you back from your desired weight

  2. Exactly what to eat for your body style

  3. How to eat enough healthy calories to keep your metabolism high

  4. How to stay healthy even if you don't have time to cook

  5. and lots more

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